Monday, March 9, 2009

Things I Will Miss...

A little over a month ago, Audrey and I were swaying in the kitchen, she dangled from my neck like a large warm teardrop pendant. We had fallen into a nightly winter habit of turning on her favorite songs and rocking to the beat, our images reflected in the glass of the microwave. Catching our reflection, I reached for the camera and took our dance to the basement where Jason was working. "Can you take a picture?" I asked. "I'm going to miss this."

At times, I catch myself saying something like, "Won't it be great when she talks (walks, stops wearing diapers, can be reasoned with)." But more often, and at an increasing frequency, I find myself storing away images of all the things I will miss about this time and wishing I could slow things down and just keep swaying a little longer. So if you would all kindly oblige me, this week I'm going to focus on a few things I'm going to miss.


  1. I've been sucked into those rare moments of snuggle too. Last Friday Chris sat in my lap cuddling and drinking for 1/2 hour, my arm was numb, but I wasn't about to give it up...not for a minute. How beautiful you thought to preserve it.

  2. When Kagney was smaller, I remember telling Kent how I wished I had mini cameras in my eyes so I could snap random pictures of her so I wouldn't forget. At the time, you think you could never forget, but sadly you do. I've found pictures are very important! :^)

  3. Just finished reading your things you will miss and commenting thru tears! Tears that are both happy and sad. I truly love reading your blogs. You capture so many of the same feelings I am having during a day with these wonderful people. I use to write about them all the time and then I let life take over. A trip to your blog is like a walk thru my own life with my children.

    I am suffering so much lately with the things I will miss. My last little person will be 5 in May. My oldest is going into 6th grade and my son that is stuck in the middle is getting more manly every day. Time refuses to stand still for very long and I find myself stopping to appreciate what I have left in what I consider the final stage of Abby's little girlhood. She will move on after 5 and while she will still be a little girl, something changes when they hit elementary school. They want to become grown-up so fast.

    I have found myself complaining about my "piles" as well over the years. I have learned that there will always be piles, but with each new stage in their life, I really miss the old piles.

    You are a beautiful Mommy with a beautiful little girl and I love following you on your journey :)