Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For the Love of Dogs

Lately, Audrey has been on the outs with our dog, Emmy. Memories of having your tail pulled by an 18-month-old die hard, I suppose. Audrey has tried to overcome the past, offering toys for Em to play with, showering her with unwanted affection, and trying to feed her food from her bowl [a gesture which Em mistook as stealing and got Audrey banned from the laundry room (a.k.a. Emmy's room) for her own safety]. The fact that Em will fall all over herself to drop down by a child, any other child, and expose a warm belly for the scratching does nothing to soften the blow, I'm sure.

So yesterday, I told Audrey that she could show her love to the standoffish one by baking some dog treats. Always eager to help in the kitchen, Audrey donned her green apron and we got down to business. Dumping the ingredients into a big bowl and rolling out the dough were a huge success. However, I did not realize how difficult metal cookie cutters are for a two-year-old to push into thick dough. This, coupled with our current case of Don't-touch-itis, and our project hit a snag. Afraid the dough would dry out before making it to the oven, I went in search of another small cookie cutter, which made the process much smoother and much more exciting for Audrey - TWO cookie cutters to choose from! Of course, the only ones I could find were Halloween shapes,

which is why some of Emmy's current dog treats are shaped like bats. Of course, our little marine biologist claims they are sting rays. Hmm...bats and bones, so very, Spring? Interested in making your own dog treats? Find a slew of free recipes here.

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