Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm not much of a planner. But daydreaming, well, I do that in spades. Lately, I've been garden daydreaming - thinking about colorful blooms, knee pads and dirty fingernails, trips to the yard rather than to the store. I have friends - go-getter friends, friends who make things happen - who have had seeds started for their gardens for weeks. Me? Still daydreaming. I meant to get going on this project over a month go. I did some research. I checked stores for seed cell packs (the plastic trays with domes used to start your seeds indoors). Jason and I had the "our expectations for our garden this year talk." Still, all talk and dreaming and no action.

Then, Friday at my Mom's group, I won a pellet greenhouse kit (a souped up version of the cell pack I was eyeing at the store) for drawing the house and garden closest to the specifications given, with my eyes shut. Just one more thing for which I have to thank my former high school art teacher, the greatly missed Mr. Berry, who made us do a similar exercise in class.

Today, Audrey and I bought a few packages of seeds (tomatoes, green peppers, and parsley) to add to the stash of herb seeds at home. Seeds in hand, pellet greenhouse on counter top, we thought we were finally ready for some action. We thought wrong. We filled the cell pack with the specified 32 ounces of water and waited, and waited, and waited for the pellets to expand. I assumed it would take several hours for them to expand the 1.5-2 inches required. We're still waiting. At 8:15 pm, I let Audrey (who was very excited about planting seeds today) look at the packages and touch the pellets one more time before heading off to pajamas and bed. Looks like we'll be daydreaming for a little while longer...

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