Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner? (or, Sunflowers, Daisies, and Roses, oh my!)

Jason loves breakfast. It's his favorite meal of the day. It's also the meal he never eats. To remedy this, I've begun serving breakfast for dinner one night a week. One night a week, we whip together our morning favorites and everyone sits down for a late night breakfast that no one has to rush away from - no work deadlines, no play dates, just end of the day dinner.

Last month, after choosing to make pancakes, again, we began reminiscing about waffles. We had owned a waffle maker once, about five years ago before it cracked, rendering it unusable. Somehow, we had managed to go five years without replacing it. Then the talks began - the talks about how great waffles are: light, fluffy, excellent vehicles for transportation of syrup from plate to mouth - perfect in every way, really, except the slight hang-up of needing a waffle maker to make them.

This month, we welcomed a new waffle maker (and the homemade waffle) back into our home. I found a VillaWare Petite Flower Gravity Waffler hiding on a clearance shelf marked over 60% off - that deal coupled with thoughts of Audrey's flour-covered hands and light and fluffy confections got me to the check-out line in a hurry. And yes, those are waffles shaped like sunflowers, daisies, and roses that you saw in the picture (hence, the petite flower part of our lengthy titled-appliance). Our dinner Saturday night was a bouquet of sorts, topped with syrup and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. A little sugar and a leisurely breakfast dinner, well, that's what weekends are all about.


  1. Kristin...since you liked my grandma's pancake recipe, I have a waffle recipe that is also a favorite of our family. You mix it up hours beforehand and let it sit on the counter and rise. It smells yummy and tastes even better. I'll have to type it up and email it to you. :)

  2. Oh, I like the shapes!!! Very fun!!!