Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things I Will Miss: Day 3

Having tiny projects on my knitting needles that still turn out too big for Audrey. Someday she will not want to wear anything I make her. She will try desperately to look just like everyone else rather than the perfectly unique person she is.

Her creative way of being in the world and seeing things uniquely. Most likely, once she starts school, they will teach her that it is only snowing and not "raining snow" as she insists it is now. Someday she will try to think like everyone else. (Also, as I'm trying to clean the house, I won't stumble upon empty yogurt containers and bottle caps stacked to make "robots," which somehow makes the cleaning seem a little brighter).

The quick stream of firsts that seem to happen on top of each other. Someday it will be someone else in the car or classroom experiencing these milestones. Someday it will take really big firsts to elicit the same excited response that something simple like her first run through the sprinkler elicits now.

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