Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sticker Shock

Today, while driving to retrieve the repaired necklace from the jewelry store, we pulled up behind your run-of-the-mill car: a gray four-door, much cleaner than mine, driven by a white-haired man with a penchant for driving the speed limit. In short, not the sort of car that usually gives me pause. But this seemingly average automobile had a not so average bumper sticker. I wish I could have snapped a picture for you, but I'm not one to snap and drive (so you'll have to settle for the picture above, taken much later while stopped at a stop light). The bumper sticker read:

America Bless


Bless America

I read the sticker twice. In all the times I've heard the phrase, "God Bless America." I've never once heard anyone say "America Bless God." (Disclaimer: I'm not one to listen to many political speeches, so odds are I missed it if it's been said). I was touched by how simple, yet profound, the statement was. In most of the cases where I have heard "God Bless America," it's prefaced by a list of complaints about things that someone thinks need fixing. Reading the bumper sticker, I thought, why would God want to bless a bunch of complainers who do little to try to bless Him? Religion or personal beliefs aside, I think most people want to live lives filled with blessings. I know regardless of my works, I have and continue to be blessed. But what a great thought to try to honor those blessing by being one who first strives to bless.

I was still thinking about the bumper sticker when we got home. I did a quick online search and found this site about the Dulaan Project. The group's goal is to help keep the homeless in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia warm. I was drawn to the project because it involves knitting. Then, I read that Ulanbaatar is the coldest capital in the world. Then, I checked out the average monthly temperatures in Ulanbaatar. That's when I started laughing at myself for all the complaining I've done about the weather this winter. And, that's when it all came full circle. I think it only fair, as penance for my whining, to make a hat with it's sights set on Mongolia. Of course, when I went to fetch the knitting needles, I realized the ones I need for the only hat I know how to make are attached to Audrey's Easter sweater. So, as soon as I finish the Easter sweater, I'm casting on for a little hat that will hopefully bless a little one (and keep his/her mama from worrying as much next winter) very far away. It won't be much, but I'm taking this one blessing at a time.


  1. Hello, Kristin! I happened to see this post while browsing, and I was as astounded as you with the profundity of the sticker message. I would like to post the second paragraph (properly translated into Greek) in my own blog which lists words of wisdom from my various readings (iaspis.blogspot.com-- sorry, it will be all Greek to you, but due credit will be given for your thoughts). If you don't mind, please drop me a line at antpap56@otenet.gr . Thanks, and God bless you and yours!

  2. Further to the previous message, I am sorry I forgot to sign in English. I am Anthony Papagiannis, a physician in Thessaloniki, Greece.