Friday, February 27, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review: 8

What is that, you ask? Why, a circle, of course. A pretty "outta sight" circle, I might add ("Outta sight," being this week's catch-phrase, taught to Audrey by her Dad. Every night she yells, "Mama, you outta sight" - prompted by Jason as he whisks her off to bed).

This week has been filled with adventures in shapes and the creative handling of food, spaghetti being just one of Audrey's favorite mediums for artistic expression:

Sunday, while in church, we were using our most common mechanism of child-distraction, the Etch-N-Sketch, in hopes of getting through the last ten minutes of the service commotion-free. Granted, prayer might have gotten us a bit further with this goal, but being near-sighted and desperate, we chose the Etch-N-Sketch. Jason, taking a turn with the magnetic pen, drew a slightly lop-sided circle, thinking Audrey would surely be able to identify it, pointing out circles being a favorite pastime as of late. He showed her his work and asked what it was. She looked at the picture, looked at him, and said very matter-of-factly, "oval."

While we made it through the church service commotion-free on Sunday, we weren't so lucky at home. Audrey had a spill, got a boo-boo, and could not be comforted. After seeing that she wasn't hurt, and trying everything else I could think of, I offered to let her watch a movie. She quit crying and as I put the movie in said, "See. Watch movie. Audrey stop crying." Yes, I've been had by someone not even a quarter of my age.

The creative expression through food has not been limited to spaghetti shapes. You may remember our mandarin-orange-library-book sandwich yesterday. Wednesday, Audrey opened her peanut butter sandwich (one slice of bread folded in half), took a few bites out of the middle, and wore it like a bib. So today, I made some pizza dough, cut up some toppings (some even in the shape of circles) and let Audrey have a hand as our pizza designer. I thought it might be a, ahem, more appropriate outlet for her creativity; and the results: outta sight!

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