Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful Day..."

This morning, Audrey woke up singing - SINGING: something about Curious George and things I could not quite understand. By the time I got to her room, she was saying, "Look, Mommy, Audrey dancing." And, she was - on top of two open books.

Maybe my mother can recount a similar tale, but I don't remember ever waking up singing. Waking up feeling gratitude for the warmth and comfort of my bed - yes. Waking up feeling even more gratitude for a few more minutes to sleep in - yes, yes! Waking up in such a good mood it moves me to sing - never.

We sat in Audrey's room and read the two books that had served as her dance floor before heading to the kitchen for her requested breakfast of mandarin oranges. Audrey contentedly nibbling away, I quickly ran upstairs to grab a pair of socks, wondering what a day would be like with a toddler who has already amassed enough energy and joy to sing at 8 am. I hear "Look, Mommy," before I even get to the kitchen. Once there, I notice her bowl is empty. Then I notice the book. The book I thought was out of her reach. The book that belongs to the library. The book that was once empty, but now has mandarin oranges sandwiched between its dripping pages.

I clean it up as best I can and administer the books-are-not-the-appropriate-place-for-oranges time-out/lecture. Audrey sits for two minutes looking morose, tells me that putting oranges in books is a no-no. Then safely out of time-out, she begins to sing again. I blot the book a few more times, and while I keep myself from it, I think about laughing, because really, what else can I do as I imagine handing the book (pulled from the brand-spanking-new-books section of the library, I might add) over to the well-polished librarian who wonders why it smells a little like something out of a child's lunchbox.

The day has begun.

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