Monday, February 16, 2009


Remember Project: Valentine? Friday night we finished up our little project and were able to share a little Valentine love with my nephew in the shape of this bib. We turned to Robert Indiana's Love painting (1966, seen at the Indianapolis Museum of Art) for a little inspiration. Don't worry, we're not trying to steal Mr. Indiana's idea for any monetary gain, just a little doting on the nephew. We changed it up just a bit and got to work making a freezer paper stencil for the bib front. If you are interested in learning to make stencils using freezer paper (which, I highly recommend - it's a really easy way to, say, cover up that irremovable stain on your kid's shirt), here are two helpful guides: Printing by Hand, by Lena Corwin and The Creative Family, by Amanda Blake Soule. The free bib pattern can be found here. The bib was made out of some t-shirt fabric remnants.

Audrey added her own touch to the gift by helping to stamp the card (a first for her). Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture of the card before we sealed it up.

We hope you were able to spend the weekend doting on someone you love. On the off chance you need to kick-start your Monday with some Valentine's Day-inspired humor, here is a little poem I wrote as part of a game played at a recent mom's group meeting. Each lady was randomly handed two cards that contained words she must use in a Valentine's poem to her spouse. My words were "barbie house" and "fireside." Here is my poem (keep in mind we had about 5 minutes to write these):
I used to play with a barbie house, a mansion that was pink.
A pool outside, a fireside, all the amenities of which I could think.
But no matter what I put inside, no Ken could quite compare,
To the hunk of burning love with whom a house I share.
Wishing you much love!

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  1. Great poem! I love it! Great idea with the bib! I need to try that! Always giving such good ideas...