Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've Been Whipped

On Sunday, while dining with friends, the subject of bananas came up. My friend, Courtney, confessed a love of all things banana, and I have to say, I get where she's coming from. I rarely come across a banana-spiked concoction that I don't like. A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this recipe for Heavenly Banana Cake. I had been waiting for the ideal baking conditions: a mound of ripe bananas + an exorbitant amount of free time in which to bake, when my conversation with Courtney reminded me of the recipe sitting in my "must try" pile. This week, perfect conditions being met (okay, I wouldn't call what I had an exorbitant amount of time, but it was enough time to whip up a cake), I got down to business. This cake is simple to make and is a really pretty shade of yellow as you're mixing it up (I guess an extra egg yolk does that for you).

The recipe includes a Super Special Cream Cheese Frosting, which I didn't make. In my opinion, any cake worth its salt should be good without the icing. That, and my daughter tends to only eat the icing when she's given an iced piece of cake (she has her own, ahem, opinions about frosting). Thanks to the bananas, this is a moist cake, which even passed the picky husband test (impressive, since Jason rarely finds a piece of cake he can't turn down). I have to admit, it does taste very similar to my banana bread and the cream cheese frosting might just give it that little extra something had I made it. So if you try it with the frosting, please report back to me. I hope you enjoy. I'm off to email a friend about a cake...

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