Friday, February 13, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 6

The catch-phrase this week is "Let's do it." I'm not sure where Audrey picked it up, but we've been taking the attitude to heart. With the weather warming up for a few days, this week has been a time for getting back to some outdoor exploration: long walks and a trip to the zoo, where upon leaving the gazelles, Audrey yelled, "Bye-bye gazelles. Love you, gazelles."
Exploration has taken place inside as well. Just because she's not eating the apples, (see photo above) doesn't mean she's not learning from the apples. A lesson in balance, anyone? (And yes, that's us sporting the Halloween bib, long after Halloween).
Keeping with our penchant for disregarding normally-scheduled holiday time-frames, on Tuesday, Audrey requested I sing "Jingle Bells," repeatedly. I complied. I mean, how can I not after forcing her to wear a Halloween bib the week of Valentine's Day?
Wednesday, as I made dinner, she settled herself into a chair at the kitchen table and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (thanks Uncle Boo and Aunt Beth - one of her favorites, still) to me three times, rote-memorization-style, then refused to repeat this show of memorization prowess once her father got home.
Thursday, I gave her some toys to occupy her in the bathroom as I cleaned the shower. At one point (as I'm bent over on my hands and knees scrubbing the shower floor), she comes over, pats my back while looking at the shower floor and says, "Nice Mama. Like it." Gotta love a girl who appreciates my dirty, I mean, handiwork.
And my favorite story of the week:
Last night when Jason got home from work, he joined Audrey who was sitting on the couch. He wanted to lie down, and the only way to achieve this was by setting his head in Audrey's lap. After asking her if it would be alright, he lay his head on her lap. She started to pat his head. After a few minutes, Jason decided to get up. But, when he lifted his head, Audrey pushed it back down saying, "No. No. Daddy, night-night." Daddy did as he was told.
We hope you have a weekend filled with adventure. Let's do it!
*Sorry about lack of spaces, my page seems to have technical difficulty with spaces sometimes. I can't figure it out.

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