Wednesday, February 25, 2009


For those of you wondering just what we did yesterday that brought us home so late, and what that double check of fun was my little one had, well here you go: we were at the pool. The Hilton's pool, that is. The last two days, Jason has been at a meeting downtown. Yesterday, we met up with him briefly to swap tales for the day and to swipe his room key to gain admission to the indoor pool.

I remember traveling on family vacations as a girl with my sisters, our excitement at staying at the Holiday Inn - being allowed to jump on beds that were not our own, but most importantly, being able to swim in the indoor pool. So, yesterday, when Jason mentioned we could stop by to use the pool if we wanted, we decided to take him up on it and try to capture some of that childlike magic that comes with being able to swim when it's 30 degrees out, because that kind of magic - we could use a little more of that.

The water was cold, a little too cold. But we eased our way in and began to splash around. Somewhere between small wrinkled kicking feet and discovering that the hot tub was barely warmer than bath water, we found that magic we were looking for - one day of 30 degree weather well spent just splashing around and laughing inside.

photo by Jason

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