Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today was one of those good but full days where all of the important things got done (air filter replacement bought - check; car filled with gas - check; birthday cards written and mailed - check; big fun had by the little one - double check), just not in the time frame I had originally thought. As Audrey and I pulled into the driveway at ten til eight, having not had dinner and still in need of a bath and bedtime books (I know, not one of my better shows of time management), all I could think about was how much my back wanted to melt into the couch, or the bathtub, or some distant warm island cabana. But, the couch - and definitely the cabana - being a long ways off, I opted for dinner, instead, and bath time, and one last book. Then, I tucked my one-of-a-kind into bed underneath these two blankets that are also one-of-a-kind, made just for Audrey before we even knew who she would be: a girl strong enough to wear me out in the best of ways, yet fragile enough to need a couple extra layers on a cold night. And I reached for my camera, knowing that it was way past her bedtime, but thinking that, perhaps, these tired moments might be the most important to capture, to remind me later that when my back ached the most and my eyelids were heavy, I was not alone but had the loving hands of Pat, Rose, and Beth (who put so much time and energy into creating these blankets) helping to put my little one to bed - keeping her warm all those winter nights. Thank you ladies! Now, I'm finally off to melt into some warm blankets of my own. Good night.

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