Monday, February 1, 2010

There Will Be Days...

There will be days when you will wake up (and remain) tired...

:: because the night survived was one in which your congested newborn never found comfortable rest.

:: because your husband, already scheduled for knee surgery, will most-likely have broken his big toe (on the other leg) while playing soccer with your daughter.

:: because your toddler (the only one to get rest) will find a pen you didn't know was sitting around with which to doodle upon the freshly-painted wall, or will find new creative uses for soap, or both.

:: because you may find yourself chasing your dog down the driveway.

And, on those days, you will find comfort in small, sometimes unexpected, places...

:: locking eyes with your newborn as he breaks into his first (albeit, probably gas-induced, but wide-eyed, nonetheless) awake wide-mouthed grin after a much-needed peaceful sleep.

:: the call from your husband informing you that he plans to hobble his surely-broken toe to a restaurant to grab dinner because he wouldn't expect you to cook on a day such as this.

:: an "I love you" from your energy-overwhelmed toddler, just after you've disciplined her, no less.

:: the warmth of your dog's head rested against your thigh.

:: a voicemail from a friend (who you are too tired to call back) just calling to check in before she catches a plane.

:: the soft feel of yarn, and the whimsy of a striped pattern coming to life.

:: a stolen moment to sneak in a few pages of reading, which reminds you that (for us) medical attention is a short drive away, warm beds and blankets are waiting just upstairs, and that somewhere, your rough day is someone else's dream.


  1. You are such a beautiful writer and collector of thoughts.

  2. I was having one of THOSE DAYS today, and Thank you for putting into perspective that my rough day is someone else's dream. I am Surely Blessed!