Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Audrey came home with a note from school last week asking her to bring Valentines the following week for her classmates. So yesterday, we got down to the business of creating some Valentine's cheer. First, some coloring (of course, the real objective is to get as much green ink on one's hands as possible),

followed by taping (not always in the right place),

tapped off with an abundance of glue,

and those Valentines practically grew themselves. I love, love, love the ones she assembled with the hearts upside down (who's to say they aren't right-side up?). LOVE. She signed them with an "A" and I filled in the other letters for her.

Some toothpicks from the kitchen cabinet, an old grocery bag, scraps of pink felt, fake grass recycled from the Easter basket stash, and a handful of eight-year-old (seriously!) construction paper, and Audrey's ready to sow some Valentine's joy, as only a three-year-old can. I wish I could eavesdrop to watch her hand these small cards out to her friends, whose names she excitedly recited as she made each one - to see her pride in giving a little of herself to her friends - Valentine's Day uncontrived.

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  1. Our construction paper was from College, some 11-15 years old. Ugh. But it's so sweet to see them make stuff.