Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Valentine's Glitz

I'm typically not that big on Valentine's Day. I don't dislike the holiday, I just never felt a real need for it, either. Blame it on a thoughtful husband. Valentine's Day could be one of a number of days at my house - days I get unjustly complimented or thanked for things I should do anyway, or a surprise gift comes walking in the door on Jason's arm. So, we never really got into celebrating February 14th: my wardrobe didn't take on splashes of red and pink, the house didn't mysteriously sprout heart-speckled hand towels and candy dishes. Then, enter a three-year-old, one who thinks hearts and pink are things to be celebrated of their own accord.

We still don't do Valentine's Day in the hallmark, dinner and roses fashion. My wardrobe is still a sea of blue, black, and brown. But hearts - and pink - have found a little bit of celebration here lately. Mostly, for the love they remind me that we're so blessed to have. In the closing scene of Under the Tuscan Sun, the main character (played by Diane Lane) asks, "What are four walls anyway? They are what they contain." Our house? It just might be Valentine's Day.
And, we could all use a little more Valentine's Day - a little more love, a little more appreciation, a little celebration of the heart (and even a bit of pink, if you must).

*We found the idea above at the Crafty Crow - so many great crafting ideas for kids. You might be seeing a few more heart projects around here. It seems to be a perfect antidote for endless snow.

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