Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 45

Last week was one filled to the brim. Jason had to spend the week in Orlando. In an attempt to keep missing Daddy at bay, I filled Audrey's days with other things: play dates, projects, and outdoor activities (I can't tell you how blessed I felt by the weather this past week). Of course, nothing fills the void of a missing Daddy (or helps a tired mama) more than his return. Since Friday we have been taking in our moments with him slow, like drinking really good hot chocolate. We've also picked up on some house projects that were forgotten for a week. If you ask me how we've spent the weekend, I'm not sure I could even tell you. The days have passed, the kitchen counters are a jungle of mail and dishes, and Audrey has slept in the last two days. And while I can't tell you what we've actually managed to accomplish (other than the basement may have carpet by the end of the day) whatever we have done to pass the time seemed good enough reason to put off the writing. Until now.

So without further ado:

My parents were in town on Sunday, driving separate cars (car maintenance for each being the purpose of the trip) and offered to take Audrey and I out to eat. Audrey rode to the restaurant in her Mamaw's car, which was behind her Papaw's. Taking advantage of the weather, Papaw had put the top down on his car.

"Why doesn't Papaw's car have a roof?" Audrey asked. Mamaw explained that her Papaw's car did have a roof but he was able to put it down when the weather was nice. Audrey was quiet for a minute. "He needs a roof. It's going to hurt his hair," she said.

Monday was filled with play dates and errands. Audrey, not ready to leave for my doctor's appointment, got upset when I put her in the car seat. She funneled her energy into a Goodnight Moon sort of mantra, emphatically saying, "Good bye house. Good bye big girl bike. Good bye stroller..."

Tuesday while driving she asked why our car had come to a stop. I explained that when the stoplight turns red, we have to stop the car and when it turns green, we can go. A few minutes later I pulled into the left turning lane at another light. I was waiting for the green arrow to light up as through traffic passed by, but Audrey could see that the light above us was green. "Mom, it's green," she said, " You can go. You can go, Mom."

That same night we stopped at Target. A little boy passed by our cart and said to his mother, "There's a baby."

Audrey, catching his comment, yelled, "I'm not a baby! I'm Audrey!" I could hear his mom laughing as I pushed our cart toward the front door.

On Thursday, out and about again, we came upon a stoplight. "It's green. You can go ahead," Audrey told me as the light turned yellow.

"Now it's yellow. That means we have to slow down," I said.

"It's orange," Audrey replied.

Thursday night as I put her to bed, I asked Audrey for a hug and kiss goodnight.

"Sure," she said and then proceeded with, "and one on your nose, and your forehead, and your chin, and your cheeks," kissing each part of my face as she said it.

Friday night, Audrey kept asking for things off the kitchen counters. I would tell her that she couldn't have certain things but could have something else, instead. She would take the approved item, run into another room, come back empty-handed and ask for more. I'm not sure where she was putting the items I gave her, or what other items she was snatching behind my back, but at one point she ran into the kitchen, came to an abrupt halt when she saw me, threw up her hands and said, "I don't have anything in my hands!"

And by Saturday, as we drove to the gym, she was requesting green lights, watching as we would approach, and when seeing the light was red, saying, "I want green! I want green!"

I hope that your weekend was one filled with all green lights, but that you were able to take a little time to slow down, stop, and enjoy those things that make the weekends so special. Here's to another week...

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