Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Focus on Gratitude Day 5

So thankful for this little one's perspective:

:: No matter how special, a stocking is still just a "boot" (and all good things - the nice stockings, the china - should be used on ordinary days, just because).

:: That any ordinary thing (even a rubber band) can be made special if given a special place.

:: And most things (discarded turtlenecks, anyone?) can be repurposed.

We have squeezed in a couple special days for Christmas decorating this week. We have learned to search the Christmas tree for any missing item, as all things seem ornament-worthy (toilet paper rolls, television remotes) to our little one. As with all new tasks undertaken as a family, we have walked away from decorating with a few three-year-old taught lessons and one big reminder that, perhaps, we shouldn't take ourselves or our tree too seriously - that forgetting our fussy grown-up selves is what the holidays (and maybe everyday) should be about.

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