Sunday, January 2, 2011

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 102

2011 has walked through our door, brisk and cool with the sun on his heels. He has brought a quiet family night followed by a full house of friends. While Christmas lingers on a bit here, everything (the change in weather, five bags of old shredded files I dropped off at the recycling bin yesterday, the exchanges with friends) points to a new chapter, a going forth. Our calendar documents a going forth, as well - a new position for Jason (complete with new adventures foreign and domestic) this month and a due date posted for spring (that a certain little boy kicking me from within won't allow me to forget). But, before we get too excited about this new year and the projects and events to come, here's a look back at the moments of last week, during the old year:

Each week, Nathan gives us new clues as to who he will be. When the kitchen fills with music, he cannot help but dance, bouncing up and down to the beat. When he hears the word "touchdown," he throws his hands into the air. And, he has his own version of Eskimo kisses, rubbing his forehead against mine and laughing, in what I imagine is his own way of getting over on his mama and telling her "no-no" in a way that makes her smile.

Last Sunday, Jason was watching the Colts' game. "All they have to do now is get the ball back," he said.

"All they have to do to get the ball back is ask. It's their turn," Audrey said.

Monday night, we had dinner out with friends. A sundae came with Audrey's meal. I asked if I could have a bite. I must have stolen one too many. "When the girl (waitress) comes back, I'll tell her to bring you your own," she said.

I've been clearing out our basement clutter. I had made a small pile of picture frames to be dropped off at Goodwill. Audrey found them and decided to decorate the new basement shelves with them. Jason, finished putting up the last shelf, said, "Let's go."

Audrey stopped him. "Let's stand back and look," she said, indicating the frames. "It's beautiful."

Saturday morning, Audrey looked up from the breakfast table at me. "Mom, are some bugs mean because they don't know the true meaning of Christmas?"

While we prepare for the coming changes of the new year as best we can, one thing is certain. More will happen than we could ever imagine, more blessings will come than we deserve or could hope for, obstacles will appear that could not be foreseen, friends will be made who we have not yet met, old friends will nourish our spirits when we need it most, and this little family of ours will grow through laughter, tears, and first steps as the shine begins to wear off of this new year. And, just like 2010, there will be moments so full, so funny, so bright, they will beg to be written down.

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