Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mission Organization: Gift Journal

This year, I hope to make gift giving even more joyous by keeping things a bit more, ahem, organized. Last week I began a gift journal. I found a small journal that fits in the pocket of my purse for easy carrying and reference. I began by listing the gifts I gave for Christmas last year. This might seem a bit odd, but if you had spent an evening agonizing over whether or not you had already given someone the gift you had in mind (and yes, I have accidentally given someone the same gift twice, realizing my error during a deja vu moment watching her open it the second time around), it might sound more like a solution than crazy talk. The following pages included a list of birthdays to remember (written down in chronological order for quick monthly reference as to who I need a gift for that month); pages of gift ideas listing a specific person, occasion, and potential gift; and lists of gifts I already have (whether they have a recipient in mind or not).

There are blank pages to spare, pages I plan to fill with sketches of gifts I hope to create this year and lists of materials needed to make said gifts. It's a little thing, stashed with me as I go about my typical errands, just in case something strikes me when I'm out (or I need to remember who I might need to grab a gift for). I'm not promising that all of my gifts will be given or finished on time this year (I didn't wake up on New Year's Day to find I'd been reincarnated as a punctual, together woman with an impeccably sheered bob, manicured nails, the perfect trench and a Filofax tucked under my arm - although, I wouldn't mind the trench). But, it might be one more step in a direction toward a simpler 2011.

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