Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Room With a View

Lately, our patio door looks a bit brighter. Santa left some Crayola Window Crayons in Audrey's stocking this year. Something about that big clear canvas has our little artist returning again and again to add one more object. This week, it's been things you can find in the sky (with the exception of the little men in glasses, I'm not really sure who or what they are). I would love to tell you that these new art products are letting mama make dinner at a leisurely pace with time to kick back with a book afterward, but ahem, the art (at least at our house) doesn't stay on the windows. A trail of red and blue fingerprints (and crayon bits) find their way to the baseboards, the floors, the kitchen chairs, the table, the rug, and the walls, creating a bit of a mama scrub-fest after each new studio session. But our little world, those energetic hands, and our overcast January days have suddenly gotten much more colorful.

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