Monday, January 3, 2011


Audrey trying to mimic my prenatal yoga DVD

I was challenged by a friend's Facebook post last week. She chose a word for 2011, one to incorporate into her days and inspire her actions. She chose the word "vitality," which made me smile because vitality is the perfect word to explain the life force this woman already possesses and the infectious energy she passes on to others (play date soon, please, Gretchen!).

I spent the day searching for a word of my own, one that encompasses my hopes and goals for the year. Several words vied for my attention: serenity, sanctuary, organization, creativity, encouraging. But one word (one very unsexy, tweed-sports-coat-with-leather-arm-patches-and-a-monocle-wearing sort of word) took root.

(just a few of the definitions listed by my, ahem, iphone - paraphrased for space sake)

1. the middle point, as the point within a circle or sphere equally distant from all points of the circumference or surface.

2. a point around which anything rotates or revolves.

3. the source of an influence, action, force, etc.

4. an office or other facility providing a specific service or dealing with a particular emergency.

5. Football - a lineman who puts the ball into play.

6. Ice Hockey - a player who participates in a face-off at the beginning of play.

7. to adjust, shape, or modify (an object) so that its axis is in a normal position.

8. to come to a focus; converge; concentrate.

9. to gather in a cluster.

When I chose centered, I was thinking in terms of balance and being grounded, of being calm and in the moment. But when I looked up the definition, I was surprised by how many of these definitions can pertain to mothering and my job over the course of this year as I juggle my attention between three little ones and their father, as I serve and handle emergencies, as I facilitate play, mold and shape these three sweet souls, gather us as a family, and attempt (daily) to guide our focus to those things that create balance and calm - to those things that we should tie our anchors to in order to ground ourselves. That tweed-clad mister might be one sexy multi-tasker, after all. What's your word?

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  1. My word is 'happy'. With my new diet I have hopes for no more kidney stones, which means I won't be grumpy all of the time and hence I'll be happy. Sounds like I'm switching to a new dwarf :)