Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Guess I Do Do Windows

So, the construction of the windows and door to our playroom project above isn't going to win me a blue ribbon at our state fair, or our local fair for that matter. It's been a month and a half since I finished adding the eyelets to hang our playhouse from the ceiling, and I was getting a bit antsy to get this house up and functioning. What happened in the fifteen minutes here, thirty minutes there that I managed to find in the last month and a half can best be described as "sprinting with needles" (which is about as good of an idea as it sounds). Tonight, with a chunk of time to myself, I pulled out the ironing board, switched on the sewing machine and serger and finished the last two window frames, door frame, and hem.

We kept things simple. We plotted out where we wanted the windows and door to be, made an outline using painter's tape, cut around said outline, and used bias tape and quilt binding to sandwich our fabric (keeping it from fraying) and create a clean door/window frame look. A little frenzied sewing and this little abode got illuminated in a big way.

I added a couple of lengths of bias tape to the top of the door so Audrey will have the option of keeping the door open if she likes. And, while it isn't blue-ribbon worthy, I think it will be 100% kid-approved (Audrey hasn't seen it yet, not that Jason and I didn't each take a turn sneaking inside to try out her new digs). Besides, last time I checked, three-year-olds weren't handing out ribbons.

Next step: paint.

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