Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happiness with a Zipper

I don't know who said to find what it is you love to do and then find a way to make money at it, but it sounds like a recipe for happiness in business to me. And, it's just what my friend, Meredith, over at Spire Design Group has been doing. (You have heard me talk about Meredith here.) Shortly after dusting off her old sewing machine, Meredith taught herself how to make a little zippered pouch. And, well, she never looked back. Over one hundred bags later, I got an email from Mere telling me she was beginning a side venture to her interior design business, a collection of bags under the name SDG. The bags above are just two of numerous designs you can find at her website. How sweet is that hummingbird fabric? It just tweets spring to me. (Happiness!)

Were you hoping for a little double happiness today? Well, I can deliver. You see, when I visited Meredith's blog this morning to check out her bags, I noticed she was hosting a give away, a personalized necklace from one of the etsy shop owners (Valerie) of Spunk & Sass. So, take a moment to visit Meredith's blog (take in the bag eye candy - so wonderfully spring) and enter for a chance to win a little something pretty just for you.

What? You want a chance to win a SDG bag for free? Well, I just discovered that Valerie is doing her own give away on her blog Next to Heaven. Be sure to check it out. Is that a triple happiness? Told you I could deliver. ;)

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