Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Walk With Four

We have jumped into four, Audrey approaching it much as she does a summer pool: no hesitating before launching feet first, intent on making a splash. It only seemed right to begin this week with a celebratory field trip to the Indiana Art Museum to visit the gardens and take a look at just what we're getting ourselves into - up close and personal, and in huge block form. Then, in true four-year-old fashion, Audrey went on a treasure hunt of sorts, finding a large scattering of acorns and amassing a nice collection of seeds and caps (not that she didn't have a bit of grown-up help - what can I say, I love a seed that comes with its own beret), before adding some sticks and leaves in for good measure. We took in the colors holding fast and the others that have become, and befriended a groundskeeper spreading mulch who Audrey addressed as "the girl with the hard work." Each fall, as we add another candle to her cake, something about celebrating Audrey during this season seems fitting, as the world around us transitions in blazes of brilliant color and loud crisp crunches underfoot, every plant we pass revealing her seeds - a promise of the growth to come.

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