Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Birthday Celebration Recap

Between our trip to California and battling a few minor health issues, some of you might be wondering if we decided to forego a birthday party for Audrey this year. Nope. We just decided to keep things on the simple side this year - no mama-made circus tents or elaborate cakes. Knowing we'd be out of town right before the party, I aimed for an occasion that could be prepped ahead of time. The idea for the party began with the gift. Audrey, so true to her fall season, loves to dress up and attempts to revisit Halloween as often as possible. I've been wanting to begin a dress up collection for her, and her birthday seemed like the perfect excuse. My idea was to collect items and make items throughout the year, so I wouldn't feel rushed at the last minute to find the perfect gift. While I only managed to finish a couple mama-made costumes to include, I love how the gift became somewhat of a family and friends project. The veil my older sister wore for her wedding, along with a little opera jacket my grandmother made, the new ballerina skirt my younger sister gave her, and an amazing cape one of the party guests made found their way inside. When I couldn't find the trunk I originally envisioned tossing all the costumes into, I went shopping in my closet. I found a suitcase I had been given while in high school by a grandmotherly family friend. It's burgundy with tiny wheels, and perfect for the job.

Gift idea underway, we stuck with a dress up theme for the party. Guests came in costume and Audrey took advantage by wearing her Halloween costume again (she lost her wings early in the afternoon before the cake was cut or gifts were open). I took advantage of the theme to make the cake as simple as possible. Audrey and I made some cupcakes (and a small cake), which she insisted be decorated with the sprinkles of her choosing (I opted for a banana cake with white icing, although for her birthday dinner, Audrey opted for this chocolate cake). The day of the party, I popped some paper dolls on top that I had printed and colored days before the party. You can find them here. They doubled as party favors. A few simple appetizers and a handmade invitation featuring a picture of Audrey in her Halloween costume, and we were set.

Audrey didn't seem to mind the simplicity. The dress up suitcase (and clown costume) was a hit. After all, it is a four-year-old's prerogative to change her mind, and her outfit.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures, we were a little too busy celebrating to get many decent shots.

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