Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 97

Time, and the season, have definitely marched on. The winter coats shrugged onto our shoulders before leaving the house feel right. The Christmas tree found its way out of its box (we bought it at the end of the season last year after deciding that, perhaps, fresh stray pine needles weren't baby-friendly) and into the corner of the family room. Audrey's most frequent request is that the Christmas tree lights be turned on, no matter the time of day. Holiday decorating and gift preparations are underway. And, one little man's birthday is just around the corner.

Almost as frequently as Audrey asks for seasonal mood lighting, Jason and I turn to one another and utter some form of, Can you believe Nate's almost one? As stubborn as we are to believe it, Nathan is more than willing to offer the proof. He is also marching on. Literally. Thanksgiving, with its celebration of blessings, brought on one more. Nathan's first steps. Daily, he makes us laugh as he communicates more, plays more, and becomes more of the little boy that he's determined to be:

On Sunday, while holding Nate, I began beating my chest with my flattened palm (in a sorry attempt to break up some of my congestion) as I stood coughing. Nathan watched me for a minute before shaking his head "no" and beating my chest with his own flattened palm.

Monday morning, Nathan was sleeping soundly when Audrey woke him up. After she walked downstairs, I told Jason, "He was out. He would have slept til eight." As soon as I finished my sentence, Nate looked at Jason and shook his head "no."

On Tuesday, Nathan initiated a game of peek-a-boo by hiding behind a column and peeking out at Jason, laughing and ducking behind it again.

Audrey's new favorite spot is sitting in her rocking chair a foot from the Christmas tree admiring its lights. It sticks in my head as an image of a new phase - one where any lingering baby tendencies fade and those of a little girl are all that remain. She has spent the week serenading us with her version of "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog" (she and Jason have had several impromptu dance parties during his vacation, with this being their song of choice), teaching Nathan how to pull every pot and pan out of the cabinets, and keeping things interesting, as always:

Sunday, during the Colts game, Jason let out a sound resembling "ugh," following a disappointing play. "What happened?" asked Audrey. "Did they hurt you?"

On Monday, Audrey was drawing pictures on thank you notes. She likes to write on the cards, as well. Not knowing how to write her entire name, she prefers to write any combination of letters that she does know. I looked down to find her hard at work on a card that had "Pay" written very distinctly across one page. It's being sent to some friends who I think will get a good laugh from it. I couldn't help but add a little caption, "Thanks for coming to my birthday party, now pay up."

Later that afternoon she was trying to convince Nathan to play with her. "Nate, come! I'm boring! Nate come! I'm boring!" (I'm sure she meant that she was bored, not boring.)

On Wednesday, she created a wish list for Santa, with Jason playing the role of recorder. The number one item on her list? "A trumpet - or something loud."

One night this week while Jason was putting Audrey to bed, he noticed that Curious George had been quarantined to one side of the bed while Audrey's other animals were clumped together on the other side (she sleeps with roughly 5 stuffed animals a night). He found this a bit odd, but didn't say anything. As Audrey said her prayers, she prayed for George, asking the he get better soon so he could play with his friends again and not get anyone sick. Hmm, perhaps, this little family of ours was sick a little too long. But, I'm telling you, it's a new week. New adventures await. We're marching on.

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