Thursday, November 11, 2010

California Dreamin'

It wasn't all sickness and lying low during our vacation. We took advantage of the times we could, those days when we weren't feeling as under the weather as the rest. Our first full day of vacation (before we actually realized Audrey was sick and hadn't just eaten something bad the day before) we made a trip to Disneyland, (thanks for the tickets, Kristen!) - the first for all of us, big and small. Audrey, of course, chose to dress the part wearing her ballerina/princess skirt minus the tights. While Disney World holds the tag line "the most magical place on earth" (Disneyland is known as "the happiest place on earth"), it definitely seemed as if some pixie dust had been reserved for Disneyland as well. After all, that much happiness is a bit magical. We saw adults standing in line in the hot sun, serving as coat racks or junk drawers for their children, not minding a bit. We were among them. I think the happiness (and the magic) lies in the fact that it's not a self-serving day for a parent. You enter the park knowing your role. You will stand in line. You will serve as a coat rack. You will ride the same ride ten times if your child asks. You will not complain. Today is a scavenger hunt and you are not the leader. If you can relinquish your desire to be in charge (or continually peek at the scavenger list) there are treasures to behold. The magical part is, the park turns out to be a bit of a wonder for the adults, too (especially if you let it, and your smaller companions, take you where it will). At some point during our day, each of the adults in our party commented on the artistry of the rides, the attention to detail, the amazing craftsmanship. Not to mention the magical transformation that overcame our once-lackluster girl when she saw Mickey Mouse's house and got to meet him. Audrey talked about Disney for days (still is). But, perhaps, the best part was after we arrived home and Audrey told me that she couldn't wait to tell her friends she had been to Disneyland. Why? "Because not everyone gets to go to Disneyland." As a member of a generation often known for our sense of entitlement, and as a parent who spends a lot of time discussing with her spouse how to guarantee that our children won't grow up feeling entitled, that little phrase felt like a gift - sprinkled with fairy dust. Yes, we're in a happy place.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera stayed holstered much of the day while I busied myself with taking it all in.

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