Thursday, November 4, 2010


We've been a bit distracted here, welcoming in the age of four (How did we get here so fast?). Four began sweet and easy, a small celebration at home - just the four of us - featuring a meal of Audrey's choosing (pancakes and chocolate cake); four helium balloons to mark the occasion (all the rage among the preschool crowd), the colors specifically chosen by the birthday girl; and a gift of a matching game (which led to a family game night).

Then, we got adventurous. We took a long-awaited trip, two thousand miles away, and took celebrating to a whole other level - until Audrey came down with what appeared to be the stomach flu. Our little girl has weathered her condition as best as can be expected. She's slowly beginning to ask for food and make observations as only she can. We're hoping she's over the worst, and that the rest of us can fight off whatever she's had. For now, we're going to take a little more time to recuperate and be thankful for little comforts: patient and helpful family, sunshine during cloudy health conditions, the resilience of children, and the sweet milestone that is four.

We'll catch up with you more in a couple days.

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