Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall in a Hot Pocket

The weather may be reading spring (complete with its crazy storms), but my appetite only sees fall. Fall with its emphasis on meals meant to warm, decadence that nourishes. As the leaves turn I begin to daydream about steam rising off soups and food stuffed in all manners of speaking. So when I ran across this recipe for Chicken Pocket Pies, they seemed like the perfect meal to kick off this last week of October. The crust comes together in the food processor. The filling is creamy and rich (we filled ours with roasted turkey leftover from a turkey breast Jason made over the weekend instead of chicken). I was a fan. Jason said he liked the idea, but something about the dish was a bit too tangy for him. He's requesting that the next time I make them, I fill them using my own recipe for chicken pot pie filling. Done.

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