Monday, June 7, 2010

A Little Weekend Planting, I mean, Painting

We brought our planting inside this weekend with the help of some paintbrushes and acrylic paints. We had been putting off a little project, waiting for the perfect weather to take our paint outside, and then waiting on me to be able to handle being out in the perfect weather without sneezing (therefore avoiding the bad combination of a paintbrush and unexpectedly shaking hand). Finally, we changed our plans. We spread some heavy duty cardboard out over the basement carpet and took our chances.

After a little sketching by mom and quick painting tutorial by dad, Audrey was ready to put some finishing touches on her playhouse. We kept things simple, just a row of flowers. Audrey painted the petals until her energy level couldn't handle the stillness required for painting. Then, it was off to clean up and play with Dad while I put a few embellishments on the artwork to hide some painting mishaps (I love that paint is its own magic eraser).

These little flowers add a much needed punch of color. We might just have to grow some around the corner on the other side. We kept things pretty nondescript so if she wants to pretend that the building is something other than a house, she can easily do that. But, the top is a bit bare. It might need a window painted on, or a sign of some sort. But for now, the playhouse is open, the kitchen furniture is moved in, and one little girl thinks it all looks just fine. That's masterpiece enough for me.

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