Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Early Morning Lesson

I am one of those forever nerds. The type of girl you can take out of the classroom, but you can't seem to shake the classroom from the girl. (This might explain my compulsion to grab any DIY book on the library's new nonfiction shelves regardless of how many books are already in my stack.) This morning, I found myself with an empty house (minus the sleeping babe in his crib), pieces of a project waiting in a pile, and a never-before-used tool. It seemed high time to learn how to make my own bias tape.

I've used bias tape on several projects in the last few years. We used it in droves for Audrey's playhouse. Each time I needed some, I headed to the fabric store, picked up a three-yard package in a solid color, and plopped a few bucks on the counter - which is fine (if you're not using it in droves). But, then I discovered a little tool called a bias tape maker that allows you to easily make your own (for FREE - in ANY color or pattern you want! Do I hear you calling me a DIY nerd?).

This morning I tried it out, and hmm, that was easy. Nice and mindless and incredibly satisfying to see cheery yellow gingham bias tape coming to life. Sometimes, there is no better way to start your day than an easy, mindless task that allows you to focus your thoughts on planning your day or the projects and dreams to come - especially when that task affords you sweet gingham bias tape. If only I had bought the right-sized tool and not one too small. Hmm. Lesson learned.

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  1. Yeah for tool and yeah for needing more than one! Love the whole DIY!