Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Summer Snacking

It could be the little trek we took today along a wooded path, our way speckled with shade depending upon the curve of the path or clearing of the wood at any given moment (I, of course, forgot my camera). It could be the sporadic nature of our spurts of summer activity: stints at parks or on bikes; splashing in pools or tiptoeing through the garden; downtime armed with crayons and books. Whatever the reason, I have found myself in a constant state of snacky. Not quite hungry, not able to conjure anything resembling famished in this heat, but always wanting to nibble on a little something. Something sweet and as versatile and portable as summer itself. In fact, since running across this picture last week, I've been dreaming of a whole counterful of snack-worthy summery goodness.

Last night, when I ran across a recipe entitled, Annette's Granola in The Busy Mom's Guide to Simple Living, I knew I had found my jumping off point. This afternoon, we found just the pocket of time we needed to get the granola made and three mason jars filled. My counters (and my belly) are happier already. Ah, summer. Tastes just right.

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