Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 42

I'm a little late with last week's review. It's been a weekend of catching up on family time, trying to prepare for events ahead, and keeping up with our little almost-three-going-on-twenty philosopher of sorts. (Last week she took to calling me "Mom" and "Mother" and collectively referring to her father and I as "guys"). Here are a few of her other more memorable moments:

Last Sunday, after I made breakfast, Jason said, "gracias."

"It's not grasses. It's milk," Audrey said.

On our return trip from the playground Monday, Audrey began to cry. She told me that she wanted to swing more. Then, resting her head on my shoulder (still crying) she added, "Mom, I've had a long day." And, apparently (even though I can't remember doing anything out of the ordinary) she did. After putting her to bed at eight, she slept until 10:30 am the next day.

Monday while playing, Audrey patted my chest and asked me what it was. When I told her it was my chest, she commented that it was big (being in my third trimester, this is an accurate statement). She asked where hers was, so I told her where her chest was. "I want bigger," she said, looking at it.

Entering territory I thought I'd be able to avoid until middle school, I informed her that her chest was the perfect size and would get bigger as she got bigger. She repeated, "I have the perfect size." Let's hope those conversations all end so easily.

(Due to a technical glitch and losing information I had stored in my phone, I can't remember this next story verbatim, so I won't use quotes. Here it is as clearly as I can remember). Early this week Jason shaved off his goatee. He then showed Audrey. On Tuesday she asked me, Will Daddy grow his goatee back when he gets bored? I laughed and told her that he probably would. The next day she informed him that she wanted him to grow it back. I guess we have a toddler with a penchant for men with facial hair, at least her Daddy.

Wednesday, Audrey and I were having a little make-believe session in her room involving her bedsheets as a tent and a slew of stuffed animals (or "friends" as Audrey refers to them) who were our tent companions. Audrey would tell me when we needed to go in or out of the tent, often to join a bunch of imaginary, but "friendly" worms. At one point, in her most serious of toddler voices, she informed me, "We don't have much time, but we have much time." Hmm...

Somehow, I know just what she means.

I hope that you were able to find "much time" in your short weekend for the things and people you love. Wishing you a happy week.

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