Saturday, October 3, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 39

I operate like most moms I know, attempting to multi-task where I can and squeeze the most into each moment. You can find me knitting in the passenger seats of cars, checking my emails from my phone as I stand in line at the grocery store, and listening to books on cd (or finally listening to my own music) during those rare moments where I'm doing the dishes solo while Audrey runs around the backyard. Some nights, I blog bathside after washing Audrey's hair, getting her thoroughly cleaned, and playing for a few minutes. This had been the plan last night, but as I leaned back from the tub, she grabbed my hand and said, "No, I want to keep you." She likes to squeeze the most into her moments, too.

Here are some other memorable moments from this week:

On Monday, Audrey got my attention, "Look at me," she said in her sternest voice, "I love you."

Tuesday she informed me, "I'm not Audrey. I'm just pancake (what her Dad calls her)."

Later that day after finishing a snack, I told her she needed to go wash her hands or stay in her seat. Protesting, she said, "But I'm one of the girls who goes to school!"

During a Lego-building session, she said, "We need a touchdown."

I asked, "What's a touchdown?"

She stood up and performed a little dance, bobbing up and down to touch her toes.

My little sister, Ashley, came by to visit on Wednesday. She calls Audrey her shaky bunny.

"Come on, shaky bunny," she said.

"I'm not a shaky bunny," Audrey answered. "I'm just a pancake."

Then, Thursday morning, Audrey asked, "Am I your shaky bunny?"

"You're Aunt Ashley's shaky bunny," I said.

"Oh," she said. "Shaky Ashley."

This morning I made french toast. I began setting the table: putting out the french toast toppings, napkins, and silverware. Anticipating that I was getting to the drinks, Audrey said, "One wants water, one wants juice, and one wants soda poison (what Jason calls the sodas he drinks since he knows I don't want Audrey to drink soda for a very long time)."

We're hoping you're having a good weekend, squeezing the most into every moment, and spending your days with someone who just wants to keep you. Until next week...

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