Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rain Walk

Kids are like the postal service. Rain or shine, they are prepared to brave the elements.

Yesterday was rainy. But that didn't stop Audrey from expressing her desire to take a walk.

So we zipped up her raincoat, pulled on those beloved red boots, and headed out into the mist. With Emmy (who does not adhere to the code of the postal service).

We found a puddle, and there we stayed until Emmy was soggy and Audrey was drenched to the knees.

Today we drove by the place where the puddle had been and found a dry spot with two muddy patches. I felt gratitude for raincoats and little red boots, dogs who need walked, and toddlers who know not to let the moment pass them by.

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  1. Those pictures are just awesome! I love the action shots!