Thursday, July 2, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: The Week in Review 26

Yes, I know. It's only Thursday. A busy Thursday. We've spent the day preparing and packing for a little trip (and squeezing in our last swim lesson). The car is loaded with suitcases, bags of snacks and fresh zucchini bread. We're ready to get down to the serious business of some Fourth of July relaxation and celebration. But first, a quick recap of my favorite moments of this week so far:

Audrey's favorite place to search and discover this week? Our window wells. They have become a safe (or not so safe) haven for frogs. I have a picture, but not with me, so I'll have to include it somewhere later. Audrey has become quite the frog-seeker and advocate. Once she discovers them, she asks Jason or I to fish them out with her small shovel (no small feat when dealing with a hopping creature) to save them. Of course, as soon as I successfully get one to "safety," it tends to find its way right back down the window well.

My Mom watched Audrey on Wednesday to give me a jump start on laundry/vacation preparations. As the day wore on, Audrey asked where I was. Mom told her I was home. She then asked if I was sick and needed a hug. (Oh be still my beating heart)! Mom reassured her that I was not sick, I was home cleaning. "Oh, she's closed," she said. I guess she was willing to offer hugs, but no help with the manual labor.

Tonight we visited my mother-in-law. She made us dinner. Everyone piled their plates high with food. Then, right before we began to eat, Audrey looked across the table and said, "Thank you, Grammy, for making me dinner." (Have Mercy, sweet child)! I wish I could take some sort of credit for these sweet manners (seriously, I still don't think my eyes have reduced down to their normal size from the shock). All I can say is, I'm a lucky wife to have married a guy who frequently thanks me for making dinner, within earshot of his toddler daughter.

And now we are off, to spend some family time together without the worries of laundry or household chores, work, or others' deadlines. To steal as much time together and as many hugs as possible. And, to let someone else make dinner for a few days. (We'll be sure to thank them).
Have a Happy 4th of July!

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