Monday, August 31, 2009

The Not-So Traditional Birthday Hat

We had the kind of weekend that you can't help but hope for: good friends; time spent with family; several projects completed; some rest; and a birthday party to boot. The birthday party was for one of Audrey's best friends, a now-three-year-old with a penchant for hardware tools and watching Paula Deen. His is the crafty mama who made Audrey the green apron pictured above. Assuming he had already been supplied with an apron by his mama, we thought he could use a little chef's hat to complete the look.

The free pattern can be found at this site, sent to me by a friend (Thanks, Megan!). Audrey, always the eager model when it comes to hats, tried it on for me while busy with her own project in the kitchen, so we could check the fit one last time before wrapping it up with a sweet cookbook. Then it was off to celebrate our young birthday chef. Look out, Cordon Bleu!

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