Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have Water? Will Dance.

(sprinklers courtesy of Indianapolis Zoo; dance moves all her own)

If Audrey's second year had a subtitle, it would read "Just add water." Pools, bathtubs, sprinklers, hoses for watering, kitchen sinks, a simple bucket - you name it - add water and she's jubilant as only a toddler knows how to be. It might start with the tapping of a toe or extension of her arms, but soon it leads to a running leap or full-blown dance, Elaine Benis-style. The kind you do when no one is watching. The kind that makes you laugh at yourself and others laugh with you. I keep waiting for this water thing to be a phase that she tires of, like so many things introduced in year two. But it's stuck, and I'm glad. As I've gotten older there are a few precious activities that I have never outgrown. That make me smile. That make me dance, if only on the inside. And maybe, just maybe she's found one of her own.

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