Sunday, August 9, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 31

I've been a little delinquent this weekend. We've been spending our time catching up with dear friends, so I haven't turned the computer on since Thursday. But there are just a few stories that I have to write down from last week before I forget:

On Monday while returning home from the grocery store, we passed a Chick-fil-a (Audrey's favorite restaurant). She told me she wanted to go in. I said the restaurant was closed (my standard answer when we're not able to go somewhere she wants to). She replied, "But someone just went in."

One evening, Audrey was cooking for Jason in her playroom kitchen. She has a wooden refrigerator that happens to have a small round hole cut into the back. Audrey placed an egg inside of the refrigerator. Jason stealthily slid his hand behind the refrigerator and through the hole to remove the egg. Then he asked her to get it for him. She opened the door to find the refrigerator empty.

She gasped. "Where it is?" (Her version of "where is it?").

Jason again slipped his hand behind the refrigerator and slid the egg inside, this time accidentally brushing the back and making a small sound. The egg securely in place, he asked her to check the refrigerator for the egg. She opened it.

"There it is!" she said, as if surprised. She took it out, closed the door and said, "Where it is?"
Then she reached behind the refrigerator, pushed the egg in through the hole, opened the door and said (with a little gasp for emphasis), "There it is!"

During that same play session, Audrey began pretending. "I'm at the store," she would say. "I'm going to the zoo."

Jason attempted to play along. "Where am I?" he asked.

"You're right there," she said, pointing to him.

We were hanging out at our friends' pool on Saturday. This was their first time to see Audrey swim. Audrey loves the water and fearlessly jumps in from the side and paddles around. Watching her, David said, "You're amazing!"

With an offended look, Audrey said, "No I'm not. I'm not a dog."

We explained that amazing meant that she was fantastic and had done a good job. A couple minutes later she jumped into the pool. As her head broke the surface of the water she grinned and yelled, "I'm amazing!"

After our week away in Dallas it was nice to spend a week at home playing and enjoying the hugs and sweet rituals of our daily routines. It only takes an afternoon with Audrey to see that every day at home is a new experience. As she learns and grows and invites us to see the evolving pieces that make up the sum of her parts, we realize that adventure is right where we are. What can I say? She's amazing.

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