Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 34

I cannot stop the weeks from coming. They keep plowing on regardless of if I think they ought to slow down and take a minute to let the rest of us catch up or at least allow us to hunch over to catch our breath. And so, I suppose that Audrey is right on track and should be voicing opinions that require complex trains of logic. Her memory should be such that she can bring up something I mentioned in passing a month ago. If I could only keep track of what day it is (or the time, or if I have fed the dog) then these tidbits coming out of her mouth would not surprise me. Every time.

And yet, here we go again:

Monday night we had finished dinner and Jason was attempting to clean Audrey's hands with a dishcloth. Audrey was trying to wiggle out of her chair while hiding her hands. Jason explained that in order to get out of her chair she had to have her hands cleaned. Then he said, "You have to think about these things. You need to use this," as he pointed at her head.

She looked at him oddly and said, "My boo-boo?"

Part of our day on Monday was spent taking a walk, during which we passed a Dachshund and Audrey commented, "That dog is little like a mouse."

We also played with alphabet puzzles that day. I have tried to point out the letters on the puzzles before, but didn't think that Audrey was interested. I was a bit stunned when she pointed to the letter beside a picture of a cat and said, "That's a C." I was even more impressed when she pointed to the letter beside an octopus and said, "That's an O."

Excited about this new skill, I pointed to the puzzle piece featuring a rabbit and the letter "R." "What is that?" I asked, pointing to the letter.

"That's a letter," she said. I can't really argue with that.

On Tuesday, Jason was in the office when Audrey asked about his whereabouts. "He's in the office," I said. Audrey looked at the room we were in, waved her arm around in it in a circular motion and asked, "What is this?"

"This is the family room," I said.

"Like in the movies?" she asked. I'm just as curious as you are, what movies has she been watching?

Tuesday night, while on a walk with my friend, Jill, Audrey asked, "Does Jill like honey?" Followed with, "Pooh likes honey." Maybe Pooh has a family room, too.

Wednesday, while recounting a tale from earlier in the week, Audrey asked, "Did I talk backward?" Translation: Did I talk back to you.

Thursday night I had to attend a meeting, so Audrey had a date night with her Dad, running around the backyard and playing with blocks. On Friday morning she was still feeling the glow from her Daddy/daughter night. When I came to get her out of her room she asked (very politely) for me to leave. Then she called for her Dad to come get her. I came back in and explained that he had already left for work. Then I asked if she wanted to get changed out of her pajamas and take the dog for a walk. While she wanted to walk Emmy, she did not want to be taken out of her pajamas, "My Daddy put them on," she said.

We have been enjoying a productive, and yet somehow still restful weekend. We hope you've been doing the same. And while I'm not quite ready to plow on into another week, I can't wait to see just what Audrey will come up with next.

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