Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 33

I find myself amazed these days at the littlest things: a trip to the grocery store or a ride in the car. These used to be mundane tasks - the things I do every week, sometimes without thinking. But lately, I've been seeing these trips through a new lens - the view from the passenger riding in the car seat or shotgun in my cart. And, well, she's got things to say and plenty of questions to ask (such as, what is that net doing in there with those fish?). These little "mundane" tasks will never be the same. Here are just a few of her observations/comments from this week:

Getting Audrey out of the bathtub can sometimes be a bit of a trick. I often resort to games. On Tuesday, I hid her behind the towel and said, "Where did Audrey go?" When she laughed, I replied, "I can hear her, but I can't see her." Then, I got distracted with drying her off, and while I had her hidden, I had stopped commentating on it. Audrey let a minute or two pass and then asked, "Can you talk about it?"

Wednesday, she was "reading" a book to herself. The page she was on had an illustration of feet where the legs were not visible. Audrey looked at the picture and read, "Then she broke her feets. They're not on."

We were returning from an errand-spree on Thursday when Audrey said from the backseat, "I love my Daddy."

"I love your Daddy, too," I said. "He's a good guy."

"He's not a good guy," she said. "He's a man and you're a woman."
I stand corrected.

Audrey awaits the daily arrival from work of that Daddy she loves with much anticipation. On Friday when she heard the car pull in she opened the garage door to wait on him. When he met her at the door she said, "Good job Daddy. Good job driving. Good job driving home."

Today, after a long spell in her playroom, Audrey and Jason came downstairs. "What did you do?" I asked.

"I made food for that man," she said.

Jason and I laughed. He didn't seem to take offense. Sometimes it's good to be the man.

We hope you are enjoying your weekend, taking a little time to do the things you love, or doing the mundane, but in a way (or with a sidekick) that makes it feel new. Who knows, it could just be your weekend to be the man.

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