Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Days Unseen

Between Father's Day and our anniversary, I haven't spent much time this week writing about our daily adventures. So here's a little picture summary of how we've spent some of our time:

A trip with Audrey's friend Thad (and mom, Hilary) to the zoo;

Followed by a run through the sprinkler;

Sous-chef practice;

Some card art for me;

Some body art for her;

A shopping excursion to a local farmers' market;

A playground romp;

A close encounter with ducks;

A mother-daughter hike (I like how she's moving so fast the leaves look like snow);

And a banana bread baking session this morning. (The reason for the pictures in the swim cover-up? We snuck a couple swim lessons in this week, too). Oh, the busy days of summer…

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