Friday, June 5, 2009

Animal noises, old flames, time together, and great bathroom reading!

Tonight we're going to switch things up... usually on Fridays Kristin sits at this laptop and thinks of all the great, fun, touching, and sometimes surprising things that happened during the week. Typically she ends the post wishing you the same kind of great week that she had... This week the husband gets a turn.

I haven't kept track of the subtle little things that made this week great. I haven't kept notes on my iPhone of all the funny things Audrey did or said... or planned how to make my spouse's boring days at the office sound heroic. So please try to resist comparing my dribble to Kristin's Shakespeare.

This week Audrey and I picked out all the animals we saw playing on the ceiling. She would point one out and then we would make that animal's sound. At one point we saw a hippo. When I asked her what sound a hippo made she said, "Daddy, what sound does a hippo make?" Lesson learned. Don't ask her a question I don't know the answer to. For the record hippos roar... like lions... and anteaters... and fish... and dragons...

Thursday while pecking away at my computer, in my cold and boring cubical, I got a text message from Kristin. Someone, who she dated back in college, asked her to be his friend on Facebook. She wanted to make sure I was comfortable before she gave him permission. My cube, and my day, suddenly got a lot brighter. She likes me! She really likes me!!!

Tonight Audrey went to spend the night with her grandparents. Kristin decided that instead of going out on the town, she wanted to spend the night at home. Together. Laughing, snuggling, and just being... together. We have been best of friends for nearly 20 years, and we still enjoy spending time... together.

For many of you this blog is a nice break from the day. A place you can lose yourself in the new and exciting life of a two and a half year old. Or a place to go when you are looking for a new craft project. For me it is a glimpse into my incredible, beautiful, and blessed life... because I am sometimes too busy to see it the first time around.

So here is to wishing your week was filled with as much joy as mine!


  1. I never thought Jason could make me cry unless they were tears of hysterical laughter! In a world full of so much divorce (I can't keep up with Mackenzie's friends anymore) and just plain cynicism in family life, it's refreshing to have a glimpse into a life of a truly amazing family and even better that I get to call them friends :)

  2. I agree with Jen. You guys are just the cutest family ever and I am proud to have known you (for all of those twenty or so years). Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this! Great job, Jason!
    I once asked my little niece what a hippo does. She promptly responded with a little wiggle of her tush, "It's called dancin'." I can only guess that she has seen that hippo in the tutu on cartoons. She's 6 now, but we still talk about the dancing hippo.