Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Neither Here, Nor There

I began posting these pictures yesterday before the day fractured into runaway tangents, before the sun fell, and before Nathan decided that weeknights make for the best slumber parties. By the time I set about packing up the preschool lunch bag and setting the trash can on the curb for the morning pick-up, I had forgotten that I had ever turned the computer on.

We have been chasing the days. These are the sort of days that call to be chased - sweater mornings and tank top afternoons. The crispness of fall with one last summer tease. We've been acting accordingly, mixing our seasons. Tuesday morning we made a summery lemon angel food cake before putting wheels to pavement and taking in the fall scenery en route to see all the grandparents. Yesterday, we took a morning walk along a gravel trail in a nature park, while the path was still shaded and the air still cool. We let nature entertain us with her show - a world in transition, one season slowly letting go and another about to become.

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