Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Stack

I have a stack (true be told, I have a stack and a box) of items that need fixing and projects awaiting completion. It's a pile in the worse sense of piles: broken (but, could be useful) or partially-made things are found and stacked where they sit waiting for me to mend or finish them. And wait. And wait.

This week, while searching for a gift I knew I had partially sewn, I unearthed the pile. I walked past the pile today and noticed a couple items that have just been waiting for interfacing to be ironed onto them. The ironing board was already out, so I grabbed the two items and got down to business. That led to two other quick fixes at the sewing machine.

Now, I've started a new pile - of items ready to be worn, again. There's a little something for each of us: a bib for Nate, pajama top for Audrey, swim trunks for Jason, a skirt for me, and a gift to boot. Progress. Ahh...

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