Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Putting Things By

I've had an absent-minded lapse of days. They've gone a little something like this:

On Saturday, I managed to get my family lost twice (going to the church and going to the reception) en route to the wedding to which we were invited. (This is why it's best to assign someone else the role of reading written out directions. I tend to ignore the line that says which direction one should be driving from, choosing to call out street names - and improper turns - instead.) Both locations were less than fifteen minutes from my, ahem, house.

Once we arrived at the reception, I had to send my husband back home for the gift, which I had left sitting on the kitchen counter. (That evening I apologized to Jason for making what was already a busy day - we came home from the wedding to hang/fix blinds and paint - more exhausting. He said, it's okay. I thought it was funny. You know in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams says that what he remembers about his dead wife is how she used to fart in her sleep? That that was the good stuff? You just gave me a memory, honey. Bless that man.)

On Monday, I was making record time in the grocery store, barreling through the aisles Supermarket Sweep-style with both children in tow, until I got to the checkout line where I realized I had forgotten my wallet. It was still in the diaper bag I used for the wedding, which might be a really good argument for me to limit myself to just one bag.

Those are the major offenses. Minor offenses have filled in the gaps: forgetting the library books were due until after the library had closed and almost letting the baby run out of clean diapers because I got interrupted on my way to put them in the wash and forgot that I had been doing it until I went to change his diaper and realized I had just one left.

You might say I'm a little out of sorts - or just really showing my true form this week. I can't seem to keep up with myself. And, now things are following suite. Tomatoes have been piling up on the counter for days. I had the best of intentions to find recipes in which to use them now, but when your brain hands you a week like the one I'm accumulating, well, sometimes the best thing to do is just put things on hold. So, here I am. Putting things by. Today I froze those tomatoes to use another day - in a black dress that I sometimes wear out with my husband or to church, because the laundry has been piling up as well and I'm down to my dress clothes. Sometimes, days are like that: a little bit fancy and messy at the same time. Just like those good, good memories.

*If you are interested in freezing tomatoes, I followed these instructions.

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