Saturday, August 28, 2010

So, I Lied...

Or, maybe I didn't. Technically, this isn't another post about Florida. It's a post about a sweet little stop in Clanton, Alabama - just off the 205 exit of I-65 - a place called Durbin Farms.

We discovered this roadside store (and so much more) on our Florida trip last year, and made a mental note to remember to make several future detours there on our drives home. Durbin Farms is a farmers market of sorts with juicy peaches, canned jams and other goods, and farm fresh vegetables. But, around every corner they tuck a little more. You can find trinkets and baby socks. Inside is a restaurant and outside, a few tables and chairs under tall shade trees. We've used the grassy area behind the tables to walk our dog and stretch the legs of a restless child.

This year, I did a little grocery shopping before heading back onto the highway, piling a couple sacks of beans, potatoes, and peaches on top of our luggage.

Did I mention the homemade ice cream (or bakery display case of other desserts)? It's just the thing to get you through that first long section of road that separates you from home.

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