Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Audrey: Frog Catcher

We've been playing search and rescue around here. It's become part of our daily regiment. As soon as Audrey's thoughts veer toward the outdoors, so does she (regardless of apparel or lack thereof). Every day, multiple times a day, she asks to go outside to peer down the window wells for wayward frogs and toads. Several times a week she sounds the alarm that another frog has fallen into the well and needs a lift. I was on duty today when the signal (Audrey yelling, "There's a frog in the window!") came through the screen door. Audrey, armed with a net, led the way.

This little victim was an eager rescue participant. He jumped into the net as soon as I fished it down to him. Audrey took over as transporter, sticking her hand into the net every few steps, too eager to wait for the pond. We had barely reached the water's edge before she reached in and flung him, ahem, to safety. One more frog: found, freed, and safety waterlogged back home. All in a day's work.

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