Monday, July 26, 2010

For Posterity's Sake: Week in Review 79

Summer moves. Almost as fast as the children. If there were a breeze (if we could only come by a breeze), its cool palms would be full - of adventures, growth spurts and milestones, and get togethers that crop up on whims. We would be riding cupped in those palms, fast against the afternoon, baring our skin to the sun, stumbling every now and then - lingering - on a flower, a mud puddle, an ice cream sandwich.

But the breeze has gone into hiding, so these days of summer and all that fills them, seem to pop hot into existence like kernels of popcorn. Suddenly, our bag is full and my computer idle as I try to take in each bit of goodness - the butter with the salt.

So quickly, before the day moves on, a short pause to share a few stories of the week past:

The little man is sporting a new smile this week, complete with two freshly sprouted teeth - his first. They cut through his gums this week, one crown after the other. In true wonder boy-fashion, he did not complain. I only thought to check his mouth after he stopped eating and sleeping at his regular intervals.

Last Sunday, Audrey picked out a dress she wanted to wear. It was too big, so I gave her a choice between to other similar dresses. She picked one with big polka dots and a full crinoline-lined skirt. After a few minutes of struggling to get the dress over her head, she yelled, "This one hates me!" Tugging on the crinoline lining she kept catching herself on, she said, "What is this stuff?"

This week, Audrey has been reading Nathan stories. On Monday, she picked out Dr. Seuss's ABC book. She turned to the first page ("Big A, little A, what begins with A? Aunt Annie's alligator, A...a...A.") and read, "If you see a crocodile, pay attention, don't scream." She kept on in this manner, turning pages and making up words based on the pictures until she reached the page for "H" featuring a horse with a rather long face, a hen covered almost completely by a hat, and on the opposite page, several furry creatures jumping up and down (itching for the letter "I"). She held the picture up for Nate to see and "read," "Yea for noses!"

Over halfway into our year of three, the age of spunk and sass, Pippi Longstocking-inspired dress, endless questions and brilliant descriptions, and never quite knowing what we might find hiding in our shoes, hot chocolate mug, or refrigerator, we've reached a phase of having to occasionally remind Audrey of the pecking order around here. Apparently, I focused on the lesson a little more than I intended last week. On Friday while playing, Audrey asked me to do something for her. She gave me a sideways glance and quickly added, "I'm still the girl."

As for the picture above, our summer "breeze" has carried with it a bit of magic. While my little sister was in town, we spent part of our weekend at my parents. Audrey informed her aunts that she had something to show them. After shepherding them outside, she began to "plant" a bit of magic. She stacked a plastic plate with a couple towels and told them that in a little while, a plant would grow. When she returned to her grandparents' house the next week, sure enough, a flower (the one in the picture) had magically sprouted. Thrilled, Audrey wasted no time planting another magical seed. Mamaw has her work cut out for her.

Summer moves. And if you stand still too long, it passes you by. Sometimes, this means you must leave things where they lay (the piled dishes, the stacked laundry, the idle computer) and catch the breeze before it sweeps on. Or go create your own.

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